I want to learn to...

Nourish my brain


When you look in your refrigerator, what do you see...a bowl full of grapes and berries? Sliced up carrots, peppers and cucumbers?

Sounds simple, I know. You know what you need to do, but what is holding you back from actually making those healthy choices? It's those unhealthy habits you're stuck in!! Let's work together to find ways to incorporate healthier habits into your day-to-day life. #makeitobvious

*Nutrition consults start at 3-45 min session for $95

Nourish my body


Do you struggle to lose weight, find time to get a good workout in or have a significant event coming up in which you need to look like a rock-star, but don't know how?Let us guide you with a customized exercise program that works for you to help you look and feel your best and fits within your lifestyle.

*Training packages - $65/hour or 5 for $290

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Nourish my soul


Does your life feel balanced? Are you working so many hours that you don't have the energy to play with your kids or walk your dog, let alone make it to the gym for 30 minutes? No energy to make 'healthier' decisions by the time dinner rolls around?

When things aren't going right, there's usually something that lies a little deeper that's to blame. Let's dig a little deeper into the life of 'you' to find those triggers and create a more balanced, energized life.

*Health coaching - $55/hour or 5 for $250


'My clothes fit better and I no longer get winded walking up and down the stairs!'


'With the cardiovascular and functional movement training, I was able to take an overseas trip with my son and join the walking tours I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do'


'After meeting with Kaitlin a few times and her explain the spectrum of 'healthy', I am able to confidently grocery shop and choose the better option. There are LOTS of dangerous foods out there and if I can continue to make one small change each time I go, eventually my cart gets filled with the more nutritious, fresh foods!'



How can we make YOUR day better?